Meet the “Family”







Paul Olding: Director and Executive Producer


Paul is a frog biologist by training. Currently working for the BBC as a science documentary film maker, he has been keenly interested in making movies for many years. Paul set up Bongo Reef Pictures in 2005 to make our debut short ‘Treasure’. He has a small vineyard called OldingManor.





Andrea Olding: Script Writer/Editor


Andrea wrote Bongo Reef’s first two film shorts, ran around a lot for one of them, and script edited the next two. A school teacher and mother by trade, Andrea is hoping they know how to make a nice cup of tea in Hollywood.





Doug Bryson: Film Editor


Doug spent much of his youth trying to make movies on a VHS camcorder the size of a small car. Fast forward a few years and he now freelance edits prime time telly. The LA mansion can wait. But not much longer...





Mark Langton: Director of Photography


It's all about looking like you know what you’re doing - looking serious and professional can often be mistaken for blind confusion. Mark’s been getting paid to play with cameras for over 15 years now, things like Top Gear, Horizon and Tomorrow's World. Independent short films are the Yang to the appalling Yin that is reality/celebrity deep-fried TV.





Grant Olding: Composer


Grant is an award winning composer whose work has been seen in the West End, at the National Theatre, off-Broadway and regionally at places such as Chichester Festival Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Watermill. He is currently under commission at the NT writing a new chamber musical and is starting to branch out into tv and film composing. Grant is no relation to Paul or Andrea…



Peter Godfrey: Composer


Peter’s “official” job involves teaching music and attempting to maintain order as Head of Year at a high school in Stafford. By night he throws himself into composing music for film and TV projects, often working until the early hours of the morning at his music desk in the corner of the ironing/junk room which doubles as a recording studio. Not exactly “rock and roll”, but it does the job and it’s better than being banished to the freezing, spider-infested garage!



Howard Rayner: Writer


After several years working on stage and in front of the cameras (including two years in the West End musical ‘ Me and My Girl’), it was deemed Howard had a face far more suited for behind the scenes. Hence he now pursues his writing career, in which enjoys creating and developing scripts across a variety of genres - Animal, vegetable and mineral.



Carrie Buckley: Animator


Carrie is an Illustration and Animation graduate, who has helped animate a range of productions from comedy features to commercials. She recently worked with Eavesdrop Films Ltd animating ‘Jezebel’, a short that was premiered at the Pentedattilo and Witney Film Festivals. With fine art as her main love, she tries to reflect this in her animations, favouring hand drawn and stop-motion techniques. Carrie has recently enjoyed animating some rather risqué scenes in Bongo Reef Pictures’ latest comedy short ‘Junkie Love’





Dudley Sutton: Actor


Even after fifty-three years acting, Dudley is still as 
excited as he was at the beginning, and is as happy doing Shakespeare, one man show comedy, films, radio and television. A convinced optimist, he is looking forward to the future.





Anna Savva: Actor


Anna has appeared in many British TV dramas her most recent has been EASTENDERS and LAW & ORDER UK.  On stage Anna was nominated by Time Out for Best Actress as Frida Kahlo in FRIDA & DIEGO.

Anna has also worked as a puppeteer in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and has tangoed with a stiltwalker.





Angela Bull: Actor


Angela has kept herself busy working in many areas of the acting profession over the last 15 years & has thoroughly enjoyed sitting in drafty old houses & getting cramp in allotments with Bongo Reef on several of their projects & looks forward to more fun in the future.




Raewyn Lippert: Actor


Raewyn has lived and worked on both sides of globe, having grown up in New Zealand before moving to the UK to train as an actor. She now lives and works in London, and enjoys working on film, as well as in theatre, roleplay and voiceover.







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