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A mother and her daughters mourn the death of Grandma.

But will they ever get that skirt on?




World Premiere




Showing: September 12th 13th 14th and 16th 2008






Showing: December 7th 2008







Enjoying the memories they share of Grandma’s life, a mother and her two

daughters prepare for her funeral. They remember Grandma’s famous Sunday teas and the dressing up games they played as children. But as they get dressed for the funeral service,

Mum encounters a problem. Will they find a way to get that skirt on?


In this small slice of genuine family life, the trio can’t help but find the funny side

during what should otherwise be a day of grief. 





The film was shot in Hi Def (Sony HDCAM) over the weekend of 16-17 June 2007

Film completed January 2008

Currently submitting to festivals worldwide









Festivals & Screenings



by Thomas Gregory





What people have said…


“…Another movie about death but it was light and even comical. Well done from a technical point of view as well…” (Festival Judge)


“…Loved it. It was a simple film with a simple premise that was executed beautifully…” (Festival Judge)


“…A wonderful and touching film… The film’s strength was its simplicity. It was a brief moment

shared between a mother and her daughters. The piece could best be described as a cinematic snapshot…” (Short Films Blog)


“…by showing the hilarious situation and the three women laughing out loud,

Grandma's Funeral effectively emphasizes the sadness inside them…” (Short Films Blog)





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