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Four writers. Four stories. One Taxi.









In the back of a London Taxi, the driver bears witness to four separate encounters.

A couple discuss their chess moves on the way to the hospital. A woman leaves

her husband for her lover. A man debates his life with his inner woman. And a

spotty teen boy waits to take his girlfriend to Prom night.


Ordinary people, ordinary lives. He’s not here to judge them, he’s just here to drive.





Filmed 1-2 March 2008 in the London Borough of Lewisham

Using the Sony PMW EX1 HD solid state camcorder






Taxi received honorable mention placement for The 
HDFEST Deffie Award for Best Foreign HD Short Film.


“…We wanted to let you know that the screening of your film in NYC was 
a success. Your film looked completed beautiful projected in HD. People really

loved the film. Numerous people mentioned it was one of 
their favorites. Your screening was popular amongst our selections…”


“…The festival's criteria for short films to be judged in the festival were

very rigid this year. Taxi wow'ed people and flew through the committees

and judging process with flying colors…” 






Taxi: New Information




Film Stills



Production Stills







by Jim Hawkins








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Playing Against the Clock

By Howard Rayner


A couple on their way to the hospital use chess to take their mind off impending doom. Will they lose the baby?



Connie – Angela Bull

Marty – Jamie Darling


New Information

By Eleanor Tucker


She’s left her husband for her lover, but she discovers she knows nothing about him.

Stop the cab!



Tony – Nick Ewans

Fiona – Raewyn Lippert



By Paul May


Ever had a dialogue with your inner woman? Should Nick make the change?



Nick – James Parsons

Nicola – Anna Savva


Billy the Lad

By Harriet Barbir


Prom night and she’s only gone and

turned up in a black cab.



Billy – Tom Mangham

Nikki – Robyn Bosworth-Davies



Cab Driver – Steve Hart









Director – Paul Olding


DoP – Mark Langton


Music – Jim Hawkins


Hair&Makeup – Karon Mathers


Script Editor – Andrea Olding


Post Production Manager – Alan Pritt


Dubbing Mixer - Steve Cookman


Colourist - Richard Wilding


Editor – Doug Bryson


Producer – Paul Olding





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