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Connie and Marty in the back of the Taxi





Connie is distraught




Marty talks chess








Connie and Marty













Tony is alone in the Taxi





Tony stops to pick up Fiona










Fiona is not happy










Fiona legs it





Tony is left alone





Tony and the driver strike up

A conversation












Nick sits alone in the Taxi





Taxi driver ignores him








We see Nicola is in the mirror





We see Nicola in the reflection




We see Nicola in his phone












Nikki Arrives






Nikki goes into the house








Billy waits in the Taxi




Billy jabbers on the phone



The Taxi driver doesn’t like what he is hearing













Nikki can’t understand what happened







‘…Prince Charming here seems to have

had a bad turn…’






‘…You can still go, if you like…’




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